Project engineering is the arduous process of transforming a design concept into a buildable product.

  Although tedious, this process requiring many hours of computer aided drafting is a vital step in our ability to produce intricate and challenging projects swiftly, capably, and without errors.   The unsurpassed attention that we place on this process becomes increasingly more evident the larger and more intricate the job becomes.

  Our methods actually provide us with critical cross-checks within the manufacturing process, as well as providing some of the clearest and most comprehensive shop drawings in the industry.   Using true solid modeling CAD technology, the two dimensional drawings that are displayed on paper are an extension of the actual product to be built.   There are no deviations in dimension or design, helping to alleviate any misconceptions for either the client or the contractor.

  This technology has also dramatically contributed to the efficiencies we've realized in our manufacturing processes.

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